Jan was born in 1983 in Stara Lubovna, Slovakia. In 1997 he enrolled in the Secondary School of Applied

Arts in Kosice, Slovakia to study art restoration, which subsequently led him to the Academy of Fine Arts

and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. After two years at the Academy he decided to switch subjects, moving

from restoration to painting, and gained his BFA (2005) and MFA (2007) in painting under Professor

Jan Berger. He continued his studies on a prestigious school in figurative arts, the New York Academy

of Art, where he defended his second MFA (2009) under Professors Steven Assael and Wade Schuman.

His work is influenced by magic realism and metaphysics as well as post-war existentialism. Figure and

landmass are the main themes in his artwork and sometimes appear in combination, with structural

or scale confusion. He considers himself an unknown East-Slovakian artist from the beginning of the 21st